Thursday, April 05, 2007


Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It's amazing how similar this recovery has been mentally compared to the last time. I didn't realize this until I just read my past posts.. and i'm pretty much feeling the same way today as I was on day 22 after my last surgery - antsy, tired, depressed. I don't really want to go back to work.. it means added stresses to my life that have been gone for the past three weeks, but at the same time I know that I can be working at this point and that it will probably make me feel better about myself. That's key to recovery I think. Right now all I can do is feel sorry for myself and wish that I was able to do all of my old tricks - going to the gym, riding my bike, planning winter ski trips, etcetera. I don't think that we'll be doing much skiing this winter.

I think I'll drive myself somewhere this afternoon to see how it goes.

Feeling really tired today. I don't sleep well these days.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Take Two

I had my second surgery 2 weeks ago on November 6th. So far, it has been different than the first one in so many ways. My hospital stay was absolutely terrible due to a couple of crappy roommates.. amazing what a difference that makes. My first surgery I had a roommate who I could related to, followed by a single room.. and I was comfortable and happy. This time, I had two roommates who were terrible and in the hospital for reasons not orthopedic.. both were t.v. junkies.. it was horrible.

My pain sucks this time. The epidural didn't work correctly in the hospital so I had bad pain control from the beginning. Now I'm mostly off of the morphine, but I'm having this terrible pain in my inner thigh. I don't remember having this pain last time, and it's really intense. It makes it so I can't really lift foot off the floor when I'm crutching. I kind of drag my foot along the floor. It really hurts. I'm thinking about taking vicadin or something stronger than tylenol but weaker than morphine.

Overall I think that I am progressing a little faster this time, and so far mentally I'm keeping it together. I haven't been getting out as much this time but maybe that will change as time goes on. I've been to Target twice, and best buy once.

My b-day was Saturday. Had lots of visitors that day. Was definitely the most quiet and uneventful birthday I've ever had.

This experience is so humbling.

Friday, June 09, 2006


I haven't written anything in a long time.. this is because life has taken a few twists and turns in the past few weeks that make my life feel something like a cookie jar compared to those of many around me.

My sister Amy had a baby boy 3 on May 27. He wasn't supposed to arrive for another 3 months - he weighed 2 lbs and it was a whirlwind first week. Now he is stable and slowly gaining weight which is all good. However, a 2lbs baby faces many obstacles that a full term baby won't have to. It is going to be a long year for my sister and her husband.

Now I need to go eat breakfast. First, a rundown on me.

I had my 9 week check up on Tuesday. I'm down to one crutch for the next two or three weeks, but I've been bad around the house and am not really using my crutch. I can swim now - and put some resistance on the bike. All good things.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


My sister-in-law Carrie is in the hospital. She is 24 weeks pregnant and, in her words, "has a crappy cervix" so the baby wants to come out. It's called incompetent cervix - you would think that a doctor might come up with a catchier name for the problem. Something less.. i don't know... insulting to a cervix. She had a surgery to essentially stich her closed (a cerclage)- so now we are waiting and hoping and keeping positive thoughts. Hoping things will hold on for as many more weeks as possible to get her to a healthy week.

She is going to be in the hospital until the baby is born. So.. potentially several months. I can't even begin to imagine what it is like for her and Andy, my brother-in-law. It is the kind of thing there is nothing to say - it's that awful - like finding out your friend has cancer.


My problems are so insignificant when I think about what Carrie and her husband Andy are going through. I'm almost embarassed that I would even consider ever feeling sorry for myself because i'm on crutches and had my hip fixed. It was my choice. Sometimes life takes these turns that seem almost too horrible to be true - and it happens to everyone which makes it even more horrendous.

Rooting for my little nephew to hang in there for as long as he can. If he has any of his mother's determination he'll make it to full term. Hoping.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Rain, rain, go away!

Flooding everywhere and 15 inches of rain. And it's still raining.

We spent the weekend trying to save our newly finished basement from complete ruin. Up all night Saturday and most of Sunday with wet vac, towels, sump pumps and no ability to fight back the flood. We are so much better off than most people though. This place looks like a hurricane zone - without the downed trees and power lines.

I pushed it too hard. Pulling back carpet is not easy on crutches, and my hip, leg and back are all sore. My right hip was hurting so badly yesterday that I could not sleep. I'm concerned about this because previously I have not had right hip pain. Dr. Millis thought that my right hip might take a beating after the LPAO, and I guess his prediction is coming true. I think I've really been doing things lately that I shouldn't be doing. I hope that I am not hurting more than healing things.

The worst pain lately is my screws. They are irritated very easitly, and really hurt when I where normal fitting pants. I dont' want to wear loose workout pants to work though.

At work now. Whoops. Probably shouldn't be blogging, but it's lunch time. Hopeing that I can make it home through the flooded roads.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Here comes the rain

It's supposed to rain for the next two weeks. Our garden is completely flooded.
Last week was crazy.
My 1 month post-op appointment was last Tuesday. My new niece, Stella Wynn, was born on Wednesday. I had ambitions of posting my progress immediately after the appointment, but clearly I'm long overdue. Had a busy week and weekend with my family. Work is nuts too. Playing catch up.

Here is the run down:
  • Things are healing well.
  • Crutches with more weight bearing for 5 more weeks (until June 6). The PT taught me how to "walk" more normally with crutches. Before I was putting the crutches forward, then stepping with my left (operated) leg and then my right (good) leg. Now I walk a normal gait, but bring my crutches forward at the same time I bring my left leg forward. I'm can almost keep up with people now, and my leg muscle is slowly returning.
  • I can do more rigorous PT - getting in a pool to walk laps and riding a bike with no resistance. Any upper body workout that I want to do is okay. Also, I have new home PT to do including bridges!, leg extensions and a few others.
  • I have no more restrictions on movement (that 90 degree rule was driving me batty). So, basically my life has dramatically improved in the past week. I'm like a completely normal Becky - working long days, driving myself around, going to the gym after work, cooking dinner - only with crutches.
  • The PT said that at this point there is nothing I could do to bend the screws, and if I accidently stepped full weight on the joint it would be okay.
  • Scheduled my RPAO for November 6. Am I crazy to go through this again so soon? I really just want to get it over with and move on with my life-- have a few babies, etc..

My disappointment is the time left on crutches. I was told initially 6 - 10 weeks - I was really hoping I'd be closer to the 6 week end of things - not the 10. Oh well - it is what it is. I guess 9 weeks isn't so bad. Staying positive. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

So, since getting the go ahead I've been to the gym nearly every night. I alternate pool and bike/upper body. It feels good to walk in the pool - forwards, backwards, side steps- and the bike was weird at first, but now I can do a full rotation without pinching in the front of my hip. Doesn't exactly get my endorphins going though. God I miss them.

Apparently being on crutches is a sign that everyone is your friend, and everyone is allowed to ask questions. I don't mind. Maybe I do just a little somtimes. Especially if it's a creepy weird guy who won't let you just finish a workout because his grandmother had hip surgery or something, and she's doing fine.

Why does everyone think they can compare me to their grandmother, or elderly friend who had a hip replacement. How many times do I have to say "yes, it's the same joint, but a VERY different surgery."

My scar is healing to a thin red line. Looks like someone traced the line of my undies with a red pen. Why can't all scars be so nice? My knee scar looks like someone cut me with a hatchet.

My only pain is the muscle in front of my hip - hip flexor maybe? It doesn't really work yet, so I get stiffness and pain when I try to use it. Like putting on pants or socks. I can move my leg forward without a problem, it's lifting up that doesn't work. I hope it goes away. I really hope that it isn't my bone pinching, because during my surgery my femur had to be shaved to fit the adjusted socket. I hope he shaved enough. I'm sure he did. He is a fantastic surgeon.

I've been tylenol free for over a week.

My cat Saranac is currently climbing up my back. She's a funny, somewhat odd creature.

Tonight at the gym I went into the Sauna after the pool. Felt great - but I nearly got a 3rd degree burn from my crutches afterwards. Warning - do not touch the metal on your crutches if they have spent 15 minutes in a 105 degree room.